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Self-Directed Support

Self-Directed Support (SDS) puts you in control by giving you a lot more say in the type of support you receive.  This new approach to social care provides you with the choice, control and flexibility of the support that meets your needs.

If you receive support through SDS, you will be allocated an Individual Budget to use on the support you need.  A personal care plan is created to ensure that your budget suits the support you require.

How can Dumfries & Galloway Advocacy Service help with SDS?

If you have met all the eligibility requirements for SDS, our service can help you with your SDS arrangements by:

  • Providing information about SDS
  • Providing 1:1 independent advocacy so you understand your rights and entitlements
  • Assist in helping you understand the support options available to you
  • Help you make well-informed choices about SDS and communicate these clearly
  • Provide support at your SDS review
  • Provide you with support throughout the entire SDS process, from beginning to end