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Older Persons

Where older people can struggle to speak up for their rights and entitlements, Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service can step in to help.

We work with older people from a variety of settings whether they are in their own homes, in hospital or in Residential or Supported Accommodation.

Our work is primarily about helping to improve the quality of life of older people. Clients are assisted in resolving specific problems which, for a variety of reasons, they are unable to sort out on their own. The issues we can support with cover most aspects of peoples’ lives including health provision and care and support packages.


Advocacy is person centred by definition.  This is particularly relevant to dementia advocacy and dementia care which puts the individual and their needs foremost, recognising and supporting their unique personal history and personality.  Their dementia is secondary.

There are two sides to advocacy which are particularly relevant to those with dementia: empowering and safeguarding.

By empowering an individual, we give them a voice, we include them in all decisions that affect their lives and we enable them to make decisions and express their views and wishes.

Safeguarding is particularly important when the individual may no longer be able to express themselves and make choices. Through our role we protect them from discrimination and neglect and ensure that their rights are respected and upheld. We also ensure that all decisions that are made take into account any expressed wishes and known aspects of their life that may enhance their quality of life.