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Case Studies

Case Study

I provided Advocacy support for a person who remained in hospital for several months on an informal basis. In the initial stages, it was thought that the client would be unable to cope if they were to return to their own home.  Professionals were exploring options for the client to go into residential accommodation instead of returning home.

I spent time with the client making them aware of their options, and allowing them to make their own informed choices.  At that point, they were unsure if they felt they could manage at home, but after some changes in medication, the client began to develop a new found confidence, something they had lacked for so long and began to move away from the thinking that they would be unable to cope.  Instead, the client was feeling positive about returning home and living a ‘normal life’.

Through attending regular 1:1 meetings with the client, and attending Multidisciplinary meetings, I was able to support the client to express their views on future care and residence.  Over time, the client could confidently join the meeting and express their views independently, a fantastic sign that everyone working together, and listening to the client was paying off. 

The client has since had a gradual build-up of returning home.  The client has now fully returned home with a care package in place, and is said to be over the moon.