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My Self Directed Support Story by Joe McGurk

On Wednesday afternoon Joe came along to our Support Group Meeting and spoke to us about his  experience of  his Self-Directed Support story.

Joe is a 35 year old male, who, at the age of 9 was involved in an almost fatal car accident, which has left him with an Acquired Brain Injury and physical disabilities.

Joe moved to Dumfries from another part of the region and lives with his partner.  He spoke of his experience with care workers from organisations, which were pushed to the limits with the time they could offer.  Joe felt that he was losing control of his own life – even for things others take for granted, like taking a bath, or when to have his tea.  Joe felt he was fitting in with other people, and this was really difficult for him.  He recalled times where he would have his times for workers coming in to support him.  Due to his ABI, Joe can become anxious if anyone is late, however, understands if he is notified.  He would be left not knowing when his support was coming to him, and would not receive a quick text to say they would be late.

Through time, with Joe feeling that he was losing his grip on his life, and his partner taking unwell and requiring more care, Joe was introduced to SDS and was talked through the options of what could suit him.  He instantly felt that SDS would work for him, an opportunity for him to take back control of his life, and enjoy doing what he wants to do.  Joe was supported through the process by our service, who he gives thanks to, and felt confident and supported throughout the process.

Joe has now been receiving SDS from two PA’s who he identified, as they know Joe and Joe enjoys their company.  He can now go to the football, days out – anything.  Joe feels that his life has been enhanced so much since he moved from a care package to SDS.

Joe wrote a poem for us and has kindly allowed us to share it with you.

My Journey 

When I was young

I’d deal with whatever was there

As my disability begun

Was a case of dad was care

Doing as a parent does

Or are able to do

Now though there’s a buzz

Other options are available to you

Life moves on

Health affected

Support too from

Controlled to self directed

It’s a statement too

I hope ratings are well up

What is created through

This type of support is space to develop

Now my dad is no longer with us

Life is set to teach

SDS let’s look at it as a plus

Dad Rest In Peace

Progressive things have to be

Change when I see ways

People who look after me

In this case PAs

Fit in life for me

I’ve done the plan

Helped so much by my wife to be

Now in my care I’m the money man

There is no such phrase as I can’t

Find the angle to get your best from

I’ve told you things from my slant

Would be happy to take any questions