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How Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service can help

At Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service, the core of our service is to defend your right to be heard.  We believe that all people who are faced with vulnerability have the right to an advocate who can assist them in saying what they need to say when seeking access to advice or services.

Advocacy is a service that is here to listen to you and ensure you are listened to.  We ensure your rights are protected and your decisions are respected.  We make sure that you have all the information available to you in order to make your choice and we assist without a conflict of interest.

Our Service has been available in Dumfries and Galloway for 25 years and in that time we have helped a wide range of people with different vulnerabilities and situations to ensure they were able to be heard.  We’ve give our clients back their voice and we’ve helped to ensure their choices are indeed that, their own.

Advocacy is primarily about communication, resolution and helping you to be heard.  Our service focuses on the most vulnerable person in the situation.  But what do we mean by vulnerable?

  • Some of us are vulnerable because of a physical or learning disability, or perhaps a sensory impairment.
  • Some of us are vulnerable because something has happened to us, perhaps we have become ill, or a loved one has.
  • Maybe you have become homeless, or cannot access a service.
  • Perhaps your child has been placed on the Child Protection Register.
  • Perhaps you feel vulnerable because of our age

Our Independent Advocacy Service may also include situations such as:

  • Older Person Issues
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Additional Support for Learning
  • Physical Disability
  • Adult Support & Learning
  • Children & Families
  • Health

Regardless of you circumstances, if we cannot help you in our service capacity, we will try and assist in finding the right support you need.  We work with a wide range of organisations within the Third Sector and beyond.

If you feel you are in a situation where decisions are made on your behalf, that are not your choice, get in touch and see how we can help.  Our aim is to give you the confidence to say what you want to say and find the right resolve for you – see what our Clients have to say about our service.