Our Service

Free – There is no charge made to people who use our services. We are commissioned to provide our services free of charge by D&G Local Authority and NHS D&G Joint Commissioning Team. We are a non-profit organisation.

Independent – Your interests are our priority. Your advocate is there solely for you, and is not part of any Care Team or Case Management. Your advocate will only ever get involved with your consent and instruction.

Confidential – We do not share information with any other person about you without your consent. You and you alone have access at all times to all the information we hold on you.

Person Centred – The advocacy we provide puts you, and what you want to say, achieve, or contribute, at the centre. We believe every person is an individual with something to say.

If you have communication difficulties our Person Centred approach helps you to have a voice.

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Please Note:  Download the referral form and once complete please email to our secure email: dg.advocacy@nhs.net


Chief Executive – Pamela Deans

Service Co-ordinators – Dawn Prisic and Andrea McKie

Independent Advocates – Dawn Prisic, Andrea McKie, Frank Grant, David Coull

Mental Health Advocate – Dawn Prisic

Volunteer Advocates

We also have several Advocates who give their time freely to support clients.

Board Members

Chair – Davie McMillan

Treasurer – Val Campbell

Other Directors – Moira Pearson, Roger Adams, Robert French, David Crawford

Mission Statement

We are a value based organisation focused on delivering issue based advocacy that is independent, confidential and accessible to all who experience vulnerability.

We support and promote the development of high standards and principles in independent advocacy at a local and a national level, in partnership with, and independently of, other organisations.

We defend the rights of those in most need to services and to inclusion in the planning of those services, and we work towards empowering them to take part, and also influence service providers to listen to those that use their services.


“I can’t praise my Advocate enough; they proved invaluable throughout my complaint. It was so nice to have someone finally listen to my concerns and my Advocate explained all my options.”