Independent Advocacy Services

Dumfries and Galloway Advocacy Service is commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council and NHS D&G to deliver services that are

  • Independent and professional;
  • Provide individual (one to one) advocacy that is issue focused;
  • Meet statutory requirements and Scottish Government priorities; and
  • Have as a key principle ‘Independence of mind, independence of place and independence of funding’.

We are commissioned to deliver the following services –

  • Adult Generic Advocacy (over 18)
  • Adult Advocacy in terms of the Mental Health (Care & Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003

The aim of the adult generic independent advocacy is:

  • to promote empowerment of adult residents of Dumfries and Galloway who require help, in whatever context, to understand the options open to them, to enable them to make informed choices and/or to make their own views known.

The aim of the adult Mental Health Act independent advocacy is:

  • as above, plus
  • to provide independent advocacy to people with a mental disorder in accordance with the requirements of the Mental Health Act, enabling people to be empowered and their views heard.

Service Objectives

  1. To provide access to an advocacy service for all people regardless of location, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, faith/religion, or social background.
  2. To match clients and advocates appropriate to each situation’s needs, seeking specialist support where indicated and ensuring clients’ comfort at all times.
  3. To support people who, because of incapacity or communication difficulties, may not be able to express their needs or views.
  4. To guide people towards self-advocacy and avoid creation of dependency.
  5. To help clients to access and understand information relevant to them and make appropriate choices or decisions which give them fuller control of their lives.
  6. To develop links with service providers, professionals and relevant support organisations to ensure clear understanding of the role of advocacy.
  7. To provide access to advocacy in line with the prevailing legislation and Scottish Government guidance.
“It is heartening to find that help is available from committed people giving freely of their time and expertise.”