Generic Advocacy

Generic Advocacy relates to any issue that you may require support with such as: NHS, Local Authority, Older Persons Issues, Domestic Abuse, Child Protection, Children’s Hearings and Homelessness etc.

The role of the Advocate is to listen and to defend the rights of the client.  An Advocate may be required to speak on the client’s behalf if the client does not have the confidence/capacity to do this.  The Advocate is there to empower the client and respect their views and wishes.

The Advocate works in partnership with the client to ensure that they are aware of, and understand all of the information that is available, and help the client to fulfil their aims. Through generic Advocacy, we seek to diminish the client’s vulnerabilities so that they can regain control over the decisions being made concerning them.

“I really liked my Advocate, she was calm and polite and talked things through with me.”